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"Climate of Coastal Cooperation"

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"Sharing experiences in integrated coastal zone management will contribute to sound development of coastal resources and to find resilient, adaptive responses to climate change"
by Robbert Misdorp, CCC Editor and Co-author
Extended CCC Internet Publication

The extended CCC Internet Publication - 600 pages, includes:

The CCC Book plus:

  • The Full chapters of the coastal cases in Europe and Asia;
  • Free-of-charge downloadable: training manuals, demos of GIS spatial
    planning tools and PDF documents;
  • The interactive list of the CCC authors.


The comprehensive version of the CCC Chapter III-2: ”Triggers for ICZM” by Robbert Misdorp has been put on line on 27th March 2015.


The CCC Book - 208 pages, 2300 copies printed, includes:

  • Introductions and Executive Summary;
  • Summary chapters of many coastal cases in Europe and Asia;
  • ICZM concepts and examples of adaptive coastal measures;
  • Synthesis and perspectives for future coastal cooperation;
  • Training manuals, guidelines, demos of GIS tools and selected PDF documents;
  • The coordinates of the 101 CCC authors: a coastal community.
Four Manuals (V-1-1)
Five Demos (V-1-2)
Selected PDF reports (V-1-3)
Coordinates of 101 CCC authors (V-2)
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The book ‘Climate and Coastal Cooperation’ can be ordered at Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC)