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The book ‘Climate and Coastal Cooperation’  can be ordered at Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC)

Please send request via email to: admin@eucc.net . Each copy cost: € 15.00 (+ shipping* )

Please transfer the amount to our bank account and mention: ‘CCC Book Purchase’ your address details and the number of books you want to order.


Purchase from The Netherlands: Bank account 916 t.n.v. Kust & Zee in Leiden o.v.v. “CCC-boek"

International purchase: Bank details: ING Bank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,


* Shipping: NL € 3.00, EUR € 9.00, € 16.15 WORLD

The book can also be picked up at the office the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) Breestraat 89A in Leiden,

EUCC-Member Discount:

Member organisations + member professionals: one book for free (extra copy per book each € 15.00).

Private members and student members: € 10.00 for the first book and € 15.00 per book for every extra book. 


Our contact details:

Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC),
P.O.Box 11232,
2301EE Leiden,
The Netherlands.
Tel.: +31 71 5122900, Fax: +31 71 5124069
Email: admin@eucc.net




"Sharing 20 years of experience in integrated coastal cooperation is sharing our trust in long term, sustainable development of coastal resources and in adaptive response to climate change impacts, for  vulnerable coastal continents"

Robbert Misdorp - Editor